Our martial arts

Taekwondo, hapkido, kumdo and ki gong

Taekwondo – the way of the hands and feet

Taekwondo means The way of the hands and feet, and is a form of martial art that has been developed in Korea for over 20 centuries and has grown into a popular international martial art as well as a sport.

Hapkido – harmony and power

Hapkido is a popular Korean martial art. Hapkido means the art of harmony and power. Hapkidoists are taught to understand “ki” and using circular motion to meet an attack, turn it back against the aggressor and follow through with offensive methods.

Kumdo – the way of the sword

Kumdo means The way of the Sword. It is a modern Korean method of swordsmanship compiled from ancient traditional sword techniques. The movements are primarily circular and derive their power from centrifugal force (ki) of the body.

Ki Gong – breathing through movement

In eastern medical theories Ki is more important than blood and leads the blood to flow. If one is lacking ki in the body, the body will be weak. Ki Gong means to breathe with movements and is focused on slowly moving physical exercise incorporated with breathing.