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Eum Yang – harmony through balance

About Eum Yang Korean Martial Arts

The name Eum Yang is the Korean equivalent of the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang. The two sides represent two complete opposite forces, the constant fight between light and dark, right and wrong, hot and cold, positive and negative etc.

Eum represents the negative aspects of the world and Yang represents the positive aspects. To see the balance of nature there should be a varying combination of eum and yang. When balance is disturbed and taken beyond a certain limit then disharmony occurs. The harmony within the universe is maintained by the balance of two opposing forces, eum and yang.

It is the endeavour of the Eum Yang school to teach this philosophy to its students as a way of approaching training as well as life.

The arts of Taekwondo, Kumdo and Hapkido all rely on the belief that the mind, body and spirit are very much integrated. By conditioning the body with a superior art of self-defence, it allows the individual to experience a feeling of increased physical control over their body which directly translates to a feeling of increased mental control.

Self-confidence, improved concentration and mental focus are characteristics which may become noticeable and beneficial not only to the martial artist but to their family and friends. The physical benefits of continuous training in taekwondo, gumdo, or hapkido are physical fitness, developing muscle tone and promoting good health.

The Eum Yang Taekwondo, Hapkido, Ki Gong and Kumdo School endeavours to provide all participants with a pastime as well as improvements in self-worth and well-being. It aims to achieve this by demonstrating techniques which, when performed properly, can produce the same effective results regardless of size, age or gender.