Our instructors

You’re in safe hands!

Peter Rozario

Master, chief instructor

Peter is Eum Yang’s chief instructor, and goes by the name of “Sir” at trainings. (It’s easier than kwanjangnim.) 🙂 He has decades of experience as a martial artist and instructor, holding an 8th dan black belt in taekwondo, 7th dan black belt in hapkido, and 5th dan black belt in gumdo.

A member of Taekwondo Australia, Sir is also NCAS accredited, first aid qualified and a blue card holder.

Sung Soo Lee

Grand Master

Master Lee is well known throughout the world for his Korean martial art. He has the great qualities and characteristics of a true Master of martial art. He is a perfect gentleman and a genuinely sincere person.

Our grand master is extremely philosophical and practices what he preaches by being modest, polite, respectful, kind and fair. Technically, he is brilliant and precise in all aspects of martial arts. Master Lee is the only man in the world with a 9th dan in two martial arts.