What you can learn


The way of the hands and feet, Taekwondo developed in Korea over 20 centuries and has become a major international martial art. Details


Uses circular motion to meet an attack, turn it back against the aggressor and follow through with offensive methods. Details


A modern Korean form of swordsmanship based on ancient traditional sword techniques. Details

Ki Gong

Focuses on breath awareness, physical and mental training to develop your spirit, mind and body. Details

About our martial arts

The Eum Yang Taekwondo, Hapkido, Ki Gong and Kumdo School provides participants with a pastime, and  improved self-worth and well-being. We achieve this by demonstrating techniques which, when performed properly, can produce the same effective results regardless of size, age or gender.

The arts of Taekwondo, Kumdo and Hapkido all rely on the belief that the mind, body and spirit are very much integrated. By conditioning the body with a superior art of self-defence, it allows the individual to experience a feeling of increased physical control over their body which directly translates to a feeling of increased mental control.