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We train at Capalaba State College, School Rd, Capalaba

Call us: (07) 3245 4824

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Let us know if you (or your kids) want to try out. We’ll email you back ASAP with information about our classes, what to expect, what to bring and what not. And of course, we promise not to spam you. 🙂

Our martial arts




Ki Gong

Monthly fee


The monthly fee entitles you to train taekwondo, kumdo and/or ki gong at group classes. Family discounts are available.

Why join us?


We’re a small and friendly Korean martial arts club in Capalaba, QLD. Led by 8th dan black belt Peter Rozario, we practice taekwondo, hapkido, kumdo and ki gong.

For older kids and adults we focus on the art in martial arts, combined with a good workout, personal wellbeing and useful self-defence pointers. For kids under 12, we teach taekwondo in a fun and safe setting.

Trough our classes we aim to improve your feeling of self worth and wellbeing. We do this by demonstrating techniques which, when performed properly, can produce effective results regardless of size, age or gender.

By conditioning the body with a superior art of self-defence, you will experience a feeling of increased physical control, which directly translates to a feeling of increased mental wellbeing.